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Adepitcon 2018 Spoilers!

We have had any juicy spoilers (other than the House Bolton Blackguard and Eddard’s Honor Guard on the official Kickstarter) since our last update way back in November. But thanks to Simon Swan over as the ASOIAF Miniature Game Facebook Page, that drought has come to an end!  Thanks Simon for the great pictures of the spoiled units at Adepticon […]

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Large Site Update 1 of 2

Today, I updated the site with all changes to all units EXCEPT for the changes in updates 87, 88 and 89.  My plan is to do those three updates by tomorrow.  CMON didn’t do us any favors in the way they formatted the card releases this time around, but such is life.  Hope you enjoy the resource! More features and updates to come!

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Team Bolton – My Initial Army Thoughts

I know its early, but I can’t help but mess around with list creation.  My goal is to create a fun, simple, and fast playing list to really learn the ins and outs of the game.  My current thoughts: Team Bolton (40 points) Roose Bolton (Lord of the Dreadfort) – Commander NCU Petyr Baelish – NCU (4pts) Bolton Cutthroats (5 pts) Dreadfort Captain (1 pt) Flayed Men (10 pts) Flayed Men (10 pts) The Bastard’s Girls (7 pts) Ramsay Snow (Sadist) (3 pts) Theon Greyjoy (Reek) (0 pts) Petyr generally activates first each round, denying the opposition their best spots on the Tactics Board.  On the first round he will probably leech from Maneuver to get the early positional advantage.  […]

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Update 75 Live

Stark and Mercenary attachments are posted on the Kickstarter page.  I will have all units updated on the site in the next hour or so and will update this post when finished.  Fun! Update: Both Stark and Merc updates all live on this site.  Enjoy!

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Links Menu Added

Just a minor update to point out that I have added a Links tab to the primary menu bar so that we can all have quick reference to the best resources about the game.  If there is a great resource that I don’t know about, post a comment and let me know.  The ones that I regularly use are: ASOIAF Kickstarter – The site that started it all.  Not the best format to navigate, but has most of the information about the game available in one form or another. ASOIAF Minis Reddit – This is the best subreddit about the game from a competitive standpoint.  Good analysis and community. ASOIAF Miniature Wargamers Facebook Page – This is the most active […]

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Panic Check Chart (part 1)

Panic Check Chart Lets begin by taking a look at the relevant rules for Panic Tests: If the Defender suffered any casualties from the attack, they must now make a Panic Test.  WIP Rulebook Page 14.  When a unit makes a Panic Test, it rolls 2 dice and compares the results to its Morale Stat…if it fails to meet its […]

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Update #74 Live on Kickstarter

Update 74 is live on the Kickstarter, which includes all of the Lannister Attachments!  I will be updating all of the pages on this site with the new information in the next hour or so.  Big day! Update: All cards are now updated on this site to reflect the latest information.

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Spoiled Upcoming Releases

One of the most fun things about a miniature game is figuring out what comes next!  This is true even for games in pre-production.  CMON is pretty good about dropping hints as to things to come.  I have compiled all of units that have been “spoiled” in one way or another in this post. Before we begin, though, I did […]

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CMON Expo 2018

CMON announced today that the CMON Expo 2018 will take place on May 11-13, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta.  Why is this relevant to ASOIAF?  The Kickstarter is supposed to release in April of 2018, right before the CMON Expo! So, assuming no delays in production, expect that the first official ASOIAF tournament will be likely held be […]

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Artists of Ice and Fire – Stefan Kopinski

I believe that art plays a major role in a miniature game’s success.  When you graduate from playing with “toys” to imagining the names of each individual soldier in your units, you are basically hooked on the game for years.  The artists behind the game really spark the imagination and help us along that path.  A Song of Ice and […]

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Stark Trackers and Cavaliers

CMON has been dropping hints in its updates and at conventions about several units that have not been officially announced.  Two of those units are the Stark Faction Crannogmen Trackers and the Tully Cavaliers.  While the stats on these units are almost certain to have changed since CMON posted these slides, they do serve to show that Stark Heavy Cavalry and “skirmishers” are on the horizon in the near future.