New Army Builder Website Live!

ASOIAF Builder

Community member Mark Albenesius endlisted the aid of his brother to create ASOIAF Builder, the first (and currently only) online army building tool for the game!

It is very well done and intuitive.  There are a couple of kinks to work out, but even as it stands, it is an invaluable resource for the community.  I have put a link up to the site in the Links Section.

Update 105

In other news, the Kickstarter has been updated with Update 105, where Shinall discusses a Rodrik Cassel themed Stark army list, weighing in at 40 points.  Check it out, and, of course, tweak it using ASOIAF Builder!

Confirmation of Night’s Watch



CMON has updated its Product Page to include a bunch of new details about the Night’s Watch.  I have compiled all of the confirmed units, attachments and the like HERE.

The Starter set is CONFIRMED to include two units of Sworn Brothers + Watch Captain (13 models each, for a total of 26), one unit of Veterans of the Watch (12 models), one unit of Ranger Trackers (4 cavalry models).  And finally, the characters Jon Snow, Ghost, Jeor Mormont, Maester Aemon, and Bowen Marsh.

The two commander options are Jon Snow and Jeor Mormont.

The “gimmick” of the Army revolves around the use of Vow Tactics cards, which can be attached and removed from units.  It seems as though the Night’s Watch will be “buffing” style army of some sort.

More to come as everything gets sorted out!  Exciting news!

Next Army Leaked: Night’s Watch!


No official confirmation by CMON, but this tracks everything we know, so it is probably legit.  The only real information about it is HERE!  I started a new NW Army Page to track what we learn on the site.

Starter set is said to include two units of Sworn Brothers (13 models each, for a total of 26), one unit of Veterans of the Watch (guessing 12 models), one unit of Ranger Trackers (guessing 4 cavalry models).  And these five, which look like Jon Snow, Ghost, Jeor Mormont, Maester Aemon, and Allistar Thorne.

NW Heroes

First ASOIAF Tournaments at GenCon


Although I will keep up with unit descriptions, card changes and the like on this Site, I suspect that I will quickly fall behind in those areas to those that are more capable (and interested) in those aspects of the game.  My passion, and by extension this site’s purpose, is to follow the competitive scene for the game.

My goal is to be the best resource for the competitive tournament scene.  That is why I am especially excited that GenCon 2018 will have 3 Official Tournaments for the ASOIAF miniature game.  I have updated the Tournaments section of the site so that you can see the general look and feel of how it will be organized.  The goal will be to post the tournament, the players, lists, prizes and links to any battle reports for every major sanctioned tournament.

Registration is still open for ALL 3 TOURNAMENTS, but the Beginner ones are almost full, so go go go!

This is just a first step, so if you have any thoughts or comments, feel free to post in the forum or otherwise let me know.  The ASOIAFMG Facebook Page is an excellent way to get a hold of me or to otherwise talk with folks that will be at the tournament!

-Don Shelkey

Site Updated as of Update 92

As of today, all of the Strategy Pages (the cards and stats) have been updated with everything we know so far from CMON (as of the last Update #92).  If you see any mistakes, please let me know by posting a comment.  Enjoy!

Adepitcon 2018 Spoilers!

We have had any juicy spoilers (other than the House Bolton Blackguard and Eddard’s Honor Guard on the official Kickstarter) since our last update way back in November.

But thanks to Simon Swan over as the ASOIAF Miniature Game Facebook Page, that drought has come to an end!  Thanks Simon for the great pictures of the spoiled units at Adepticon 2018.

The display:

Adepticon 2018

Close ups:

Adepticaon 2018 close up Left

The catapult was on display at GenCon last year, so that is nothing new.  However, the dual wielding infantry screams Wildlings (or perhaps Night’s Watch).

Adepticon 2018 Close Up Right

These units are very juicy indeed and the general consensus is that these are a full unit of King’s Guard!

Large Site Update 1 of 2

Today, I updated the site with all changes to all units EXCEPT for the changes in updates 87, 88 and 89.  My plan is to do those three updates by tomorrow.  CMON didn’t do us any favors in the way they formatted the card releases this time around, but such is life.  Hope you enjoy the resource!

More features and updates to come!