Back during GenCon, I took the liberty of labeling the CMON displayed models with what folks were told at GenCon.  I originally posted this on Reddit, but figured I would repost here for completeness.

It looks from the display that the Night’s Watch / Wildings may be one of the first expansion factions.  Note the darker color gray of the plastics.  Possible second starter with the White Walkers?

GenCon 2017 - ASOIAF



  1. That could very well be. I was surprised to see the Night’s Watch at GenCon because the lore of the game in the WIP Rulebook clearly focuses on the War of the Five Kings. I expected to see Stannis as the Baratheon faction in some form, Renly + Tyrells as the second, and finally the Greyjoys to round out the “Five Kings” theme before getting into the others.

    The inclusion of both Night’s Watch and Wildlings leads me to believe there will be a “Beyond the Wall” Starter Set with the Night’s Watch + Wildlings vs White Walkers. As further evidence, check out this image from one of the Kickstarter updates:

    The light blue color of the models is…..curious.

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