I believe that art plays a major role in a miniature game’s success.  When you graduate from playing with “toys” to imagining the names of each individual soldier in your units, you are basically hooked on the game for years.  The artists behind the game really spark the imagination and help us along that path.  A Song of Ice and Fire has some really great artists contributing to the effort.  This series will detail an artist that is contributing to the game in each post.  The first is none other than Stefan Kopinski (website).

Stefan has an impressive style that is perfect for historical periods and low fantasy settings like A Song of Fire and Ice.  His work includes the box cover where he provides create insight into his creative process here.


Other works include the box art for Bolton Cutthroats, Bolton Bastard Girl’s, Mercenary Heroes, Stark Heroes, Lannister Heroes, Lannister Guards, Stark Sworn Swords, Knights of Casterly Rock, Stark Bowmen, Lannister Crossbowmen. (See them all here).

If there is a single artist that will define the look and feel of this game, it will be Stefan Kopinski.  If you want to discuss Stefan’s work or the artistic direction in general, I have created a forum thread here.




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