One of the most fun things about a miniature game is figuring out what comes next!  This is true even for games in pre-production.  CMON is pretty good about dropping hints as to things to come.  I have compiled all of units that have been “spoiled” in one way or another in this post.

Before we begin, though, I did not originally include the Kickstarter Lannister attachments “Champion of the Faith” and the “Crannogmen Warden” in the complete unit listing on the site because CMON had not supplied any stat information on them.  When CMON posted its Design and Development Talk, however, it provided a partial card for the Champion of the Faith.  So, the Lannister Page is now updated with the partial information on the Champion of the Faith attachment.  We still don’t know his cost, but we know enough to add him to the official Lannister unit list.

Update: The 74th Update by CMON to the Kickstarter had some additional information on the Champion of Faith.  First, his cost has been released (its 1).  Second, the article states that his primary synergy is with the Faith Militant, so we can either expect that to be a new unit, or potentially a subfaction of Lannisters.  (Thanks for the tip Ethan Newman)!

That leaves us to our first “spoiled” unit…

Crannogmen Warden

Everyone will recieve an alternate sculpt of the Crannogmen Warden via the Kickstarter, but that is all we know about this Attachment.  CMON has not released any stats or card information on it as of yet.  The good news is that I suspect we will see his information when CMON continues their design update posts for Commanders and Attachments.  I suspect we will be learning more about Attachment and Commander updates very soon, but wanted to include this for completeness.

Roose Bolton Attachment

Nothing exciting here.  Roose Bolton’s Commander card was changed to a NCU Commander.  Because of this, CMON stated that it was reworking Roose’s previous commander combat Attachment card to be a normal non-commander Attachment.

Unknown Stark, Lannister and Mercenary Units

Kickstarter End Teaser

When the Kickstarter ended, CMON posted the above teaser images that include an unknown unit of what appear to be: (1) House Umber Starks with 2 handed axes (this unit was also displayed at GenCon 2017), (2) a unit of Lannister nobles or perhaps Iron Bankers, and (3) a unit of Mercenary (House Bolton) heavy Infantry.  Nothing more is known about each of these units.

Stark Faction – Tully Cavaliers & Crannogmen Trackers

Tully CavaliersTrackers

As I previously posted, CMON gave a presentation directed at local gaming stores to promote the game and urge retailers to carry and support ASOIAF.  Part of that presentation was emphasis on CMON’s commitment to continue supporting the game post Kickstarter.  The above pictures are from that presentation.  The Tully Cavaliers are presumably the Stark Heavy Cavalry option that it is missing and the Crannogmen Trackers have a hit and run ambush style gameplay like their namesake commander, Howland Reed.

Poor Fellows and Warrior’s Sons

These two units were spoiled on the original High Sparrow NCU Commander card.  While that card has been updated to remove references to the two units, the fact remains that they are likely in the list of soon-after-release units.  The card below is outdated, but you can see the reference to both of these units.

Old High Sparrow


Unknown Blue Unit – White Walkers?

In this post talking about adjustment of the Failed Charge mechanics, CMON used a very curious unit to demonstrate the difference.

Unknown blue Unit

Note that the Color is blue, which is something we haven’t seen before and the sculpts do not appear to be anything we have seen before.  With the GenCon images (see below), this is leading to speculation that the next starter set will be Wildlings + Night’s Watch vs the White Walkers.  Hmm…reading too much into it?

Update: Fernando Alonso Simon from over at the ASOIAF Facebook page gave me the heads up that the blue figures are actually figures from another of CMON’s miniatures games, Rising Sun.  So, i think the answer was “yes, reading too much into it.”  Thanks Fernando!

GenCon Units

GenCon 2017 - ASOIAF

This is the big one with the most detail.  I added labels to what folks were told at GenCon.   Here, far to the top left of the image, we have Coldhands riding his famous steed (from the books, no ordinary horse here), the Wildling Val, and a Wildling Rider.

In the back row, we have the aforementioned Umber 2 handed axe unit, along with Sam the Slayer, Qhorin Halfhand, Gilly and a random Wildling.

Finally, in the front row, we have two siege units, the bases for which are described in the WIP rulebook, so we knew they were coming.  We have a bit of a conflict as to what the siege units will be.  Based on the color of the plastics, if it is to be considered, these will be Mercenary units, but based on conversations at GenCon, the folks manning the engines are all Night’s Watch members.


So, there you have it.  As far as I know, this is every upcoming unit that has been “spoiled” in some fashion or another. Let me know if you know of any others.


  1. Good write-up. I’d just add that Michael almost sort of confirmed a Karstark Spearman style unit in one of the promo videos at BoLS.

    Also I thought the blue/red minis shown in that unit image were from Rising Sun.

    • Jim, Thanks for the information! Do you have a link to the Karstark Spearman reference? I will update the post above, crediting you with it! This is a community effort after all. I make no claim to a monopoly on the best infoz.

  2. I’ll try and find it; was from the Bell of Lost Souls twitch stream they did a couple of weeks back. “Somebody on chat” (cough) asked a question about developing units and Michael have a surprising amount of detail.

    Nothing really confirmed in the slightest but he namechecked the Karstark Spearmen specifically as being one of the only direct “unit types” mentioned in the novels. Given the context of the question I’d be surprised if they didn’t make an appearance now.

    If I remember rightly he mentioned the Freys quite a bit as well.

  3. Also, the latest Kickstarter update (#74) when mentioning the champion of the seven they say and I quote “now full disclosure, his primary synergy is with the faith militant but..” so there will be either a sub faction called the faith militant or there will be a unit called faith militant. Worth adding.

  4. Great list! To add to the speculation, the guy at Table Top Never Stop was speculating on which factions would be in the 2nd starter set. His conclusion was Wildlings vs Baratheon! He based this on the GenCon figures mostly. He thought Night’s Watch might be allies of Baratheon, just as Tully’s are for Stark. If true, perhaps the siege engines units in the Gen Con pics are in a different color because that is the color of House Baratheon!?

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