I know its early, but I can’t help but mess around with list creation.  My goal is to create a fun, simple, and fast playing list to really learn the ins and outs of the game.  My current thoughts:

Team Bolton (40 points)

Roose Bolton (Lord of the Dreadfort) – Commander NCU
Petyr Baelish – NCU (4pts)

Bolton Cutthroats (5 pts)
Dreadfort Captain (1 pt)

Flayed Men (10 pts)
Flayed Men (10 pts)

The Bastard’s Girls (7 pts)
Ramsay Snow (Sadist) (3 pts)
Theon Greyjoy (Reek) (0 pts)

Petyr generally activates first each round, denying the opposition their best spots on the Tactics Board.  On the first round he will probably leech from Maneuver to get the early positional advantage.  Later, he will likely leech from the Crown (if Ramsay’s unit is engaged) or Merchant (to heal up Flayed Men).

Roose would typically activate later once its clear that someone is ready to be attacked.  He will typically just try to claim the best available slot.

Overall game plan on the battle field is to have the Flayed Men push deep into the enemy forces, spreading panic as much as possible, while the Bolton Cutthroats try to take an early objective behind them.  Ideally, the Flayed Men will get into combat with things that can’t really hurt them easily, like Lannister Guards, etc.

The Bastard’s Girls go on the hunt around the perimeter looking for any fast units trying to flank (like Stark Outriders) or Panicked units.  When they find a target, the goal is to line up Roose’s influence + Ranged Attack from Bastard Girls + Panic Test (with Ramsay special) + Charge Attack (allows rerolls) + Panic Test Again (with Ramsay special).  If everything goes right, the Bastard’s Girls should be able to cripple a unit before any counter attack and might be able to delete a unit from the table.

The theme is match attrition units to your 10 pt godstatline attrition units (Flayed Men), leveraging the Panicked condition as much as possible.  Use the cheap Cutthroats to secure objectives.  Finally, use your 10 point burst unit (Bastard’s girls) to try to intercept and burst down those that try to flank your Flayed Men or sneak an objective.

What do you think about this initial list?  What list do you think you will run?


  1. Unfortunately Ramsay special doesn’t work with ranged, which is why I might go Bronn with the Girls. My list looks very similar though, especially utilizing Little finger with mercenary tactic cards, as well as Bronn. I like the Little finger claim money bags but chooses the swords effect, has Girls fire, Bronn is active from now on. You can use SicEm right then or wait and fire ranged again then use SicEm when you activate the Girls, depending on your situation. Love making lists too. 🙂

  2. I like the look of the army as I had similar builds in mind. My main worrier of this list is that with 2 flayed men units is that we will lose out with objectives. We only have 4 units on the board to claim them. I think once we get some more units that we can flush out the merc side.

  3. Part of the thought going in to list building is army positioning. Whether it makes more sense to have long battle lines or “stacking” units behind one another to fill gaps.

    My list is

    Roose Bolton

    Dreadfort Captain
    Ramsey snow

    Cutthroats x3
    Dreadfort Captain x3
    Bastards Girls x2

    The idea is to play aggressively with the cutthroats, hoping to take advantage of attacking unactivated units on turn 2. Meanwhile the girls will work well on the flanks, attempting to soften up any would be flankers. Finally the blackguard make up a strong center for the force. Looking forward to playing later this month!

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