We have had any juicy spoilers (other than the House Bolton Blackguard and Eddard’s Honor Guard on the official Kickstarter) since our last update way back in November.

But thanks to Simon Swan over as the ASOIAF Miniature Game Facebook Page, that drought has come to an end!  Thanks Simon for the great pictures of the spoiled units at Adepticon 2018.

The display:

Adepticon 2018

Close ups:

Adepticaon 2018 close up Left

The catapult was on display at GenCon last year, so that is nothing new.  However, the dual wielding infantry screams Wildlings (or perhaps Night’s Watch).

Adepticon 2018 Close Up Right

These units are very juicy indeed and the general consensus is that these are a full unit of King’s Guard!

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