Beginner Tourney’s Sold Out

As an update, both the Thursday and Friday Beginner Tournaments at GenCon this year have SOLD OUT.  There is still plenty of room (17) spots available for the Saturday tournament.

Expert Tournament is now pretty much the Big Tournament

CMON has updated the description of the Saturday tournament to remove the world “Expert,” as it was a bit misleading to call a tournament “expert only” for a game that was JUST released.

The guidance that Josh Morris, head of ASOIAF Organized Play at CMON, referred to the tournament as simply meaning that the organizers don’t expect to have to teach folks the rules for the Saturday tournament.  Basically, what i have been telling people is if you have followed the game, read the rulebook and watched a few matches on YouTube, you are probably ready for the big tournament on Saturday.  So, go ahead and visit the SIGN UP PAGE, and get on the list!

More Learn to Play Events Added

Josh added a bunch more “Learn to Play” events to the schedule as well.  That was a good move to ensure that everyone that wants to have access to some demo games can get them.

The GenCon 2018 Tournament Page has been updated to reflect all of this information.

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  1. Not sure if this is the place to put this but amazon has put a release date up for the starter as well as some of the expansions as Aug 31st.

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