"Ramsay At the Wall, or How We Make The Wildlings Fear the South"
Michael Shinall
CMON Senior Game Designer

Michael Shinall, Senior Game Developer at CMON games breaks down a sample 50pt Nights Watch army list using the neutral commander Ramsay Snow as the commander.

Song Chat: Ramsay on the Wall: 50pts

The Bastard of Bolton and his father join with the Watch. Good times are had by all.


Faction: Nights Watch

Commander: Ramsay Snow – The Bastard of Bolton

Points: 50 (10 Neutral)

Combat Units:

  •  Sworn Brothers (6) with Ramsay Snow – The Bastard of Bolton (0) and Theon Greyjoy – Reek (0)
  • Sworn Brothers (6)
  • Ranger Hunters (8) with Roose Bolton – The Leech Lord (3)
  • The Bastard’s Girls (7)
  • Builder Scorpion Crew (7)
  • Builder Scorpion Crew (7)

Non-Combat Units:

  • Craster – Ally of Convenience (3)
  • Bowen Marsh – First Steward (3)

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