Crannogman Trackers and the WHAM 2.0 List

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“I’ve sent word to Howland Reed, Father’s old friend at Greywater Watch. If the Lannisters come up the Neck, the crannogmen will bleed them every step of the way.”

—Robb Stark, to Catelyn Stark

Crannogman Trackers are an outstanding new addition to the Stark arsenal that plays into their key faction strengths.  Outpacing and out-positioning your opponent is going to be the name of the game, and their ability to get free short range attacks after a maneuver or retreat will allow them continually harass and evade dangerous threats while putting out a decent amount of damage.

Today’s list focus is all about speed and maneuverability when I remix an old classic- the WHAM list.  A couple of key changes here really highlight what changing a commander can do. Rather than a Robb Stark led army with Sworn Swords, I’ve leaned into a Howland Reed commanded Crannogmen theme with a dash of Berserkers to keep things spicy.


WHAM 2.0

Faction: House Stark

Commander: Howland Reed – Lord of the Crannogs

Points: 40 (0 Neutral)

Combat Units:

  • Stark Outriders (7)
  • House Umber Berserkers (7)

 with Bran and Hodor – Protector and Ward (3)

  • Summer (0)
  • Crannogman Trackers (5)
  • Crannogman Trackers (5)
  • House Umber Berserkers (7)

 with Robb Stark – The Young Wolf (3)

  • Grey Wind (0)

Non-Combat Units:

  • Sansa Stark – Little Bird (3)
  • Howland Reed – Lord of the Crannogs (0)

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Robb is still present in a unit of Berserkers because one key objective of this list is out-activating my opponent.  His brother Bran and loyal Hodor are coming along too, to add a little punch to a berserker unit and get me another doggo.  With both wolves in attendance and 2 NCUs, I’m able to get 9 activations a turn which should put me ahead of just about everyone apart from those unwashed Freefolk north of the wall.

The other strength of this list is speed.  Every unit on the table has a speed of at least 6 meaning in most games I should be able to reach objectives and key terrain before my opponent.  Coupled with Howland Reed’s tactic cards it’s going to be a nightmare for my opponent to get anywhere before I do. Outriders serve as my flex playmaker, getting wherever they’re needed to bail out a unit in trouble.

Beatdown plan: My goal in scenarios where I’m claiming objectives is to get there first with my trackers and then use the berserkers and outriders to punish anyone trying to dislodge them.  The wolves will dash in to harass and stall key units so they can’t join the fray until I’ve dealt with the vanguard. With any luck, I’ve accumulated enough of a point advantage to carry the day.

This list will probably struggle a bit more in Clash of Kings since there are 4 attachments/units that can’t redeploy once killed(both wolves, Bran/Hodor, and Robb), so the key is getting as much out of both berserker units before they inevitably bite the dust.  Survivability is not this lists’ strong suit, so do as much damage as you can, and get out of Dodge.

“Turn 0” – Terrain selection.  Bogs and anything hindering is your best friend with this list.  Losing an inch off a maneuver hurts far worse when you’re starting at speed 5 or 4.  Give them a -2 with Crannog Traps and they basically took the whole turn off. Take that, guardsman!

Crannogman  references can be found in:

  • A Clash of Kings, Chapter 21, Bran III.
  • The World of Ice & Fire, The North: The Crannogmen of the Neck
  • A Storm of Swords, Chapter 9, Bran I
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