New Game Mode: Fire and Blood

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The release of the A Song of Ice and Fire Game Modes v1.2.pdf reveals a new game mode for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game titled “Fire and Blood.

In this game mode, players look to destroy two of their opponent’s units, marked at the start of the turn. A great game mode for those who want to spend more time hunting down their enemies and winning decisive battles on the table, rather than holding strategic positions.


Deployment: 18” each side.


  •  When placing Terrain, the usual restriction of placing at least 6” (Short Range) away from any Deployment Zone is ignored.
  • Once units have been deployed, beginning with the First Player, each player will alternate selecting 2 of their opponent’s deployed Combat Units and place 1 Objective token on each of them. These tokens represent Marked Units.

Special Rules

  •  When your Commander’s unit activates, you may select 1 enemy Combat Unit within Long Range and place 1 Victory Point token on that unit.

Special Scoring

  • Each time a friendly Marked Unit destroys an enemy with an Attack or Ability, gain +1 additional Victory Point.
  • Enemy Marked Units grant +2 Victory Points when destroyed.
  • Each time any enemy unit with Victory Point tokens is destroyed, gain additional Victory Points equal to the Victory Point tokens on that unit.


The A Song of Ice and Fire miniatures game v1.3 errata has several notable updates, including a change to Varys (The Spider)

Errata: Remove the last line from Ability: “This may be repeated if unsuccessful”


Additionally, general FAQ questions regarding the Free Folk for ASOIAF the miniatures game have been added.


    • Don’t like it…yet! What don’t you like? Perhaps with more games you’ll have a change of mind?

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