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On The Table Gaming: Our Next Steps

First, we want to thank the On the Table Gaming community for their support of our projects. We’ve had a blast making videos, podcasts, and most recently working on ASOIAFcc.com

Currently, we are working on developing a tournament tracking portal for ASOAIFcc.com where we can display data including lists, faction win percentages, and more.

We’re also working on getting some big names for the On the Table podcast, including Jim Ludwig, Owner of Dark Sword Miniatures.

Finally, on the video front, we have a battle report in the works, as well as additional content we can’t wait to share.

We’ve got big plans for 2019, but we realize that we can’t go it alone! We are excited to be announcing the launch of the On the Table Gaming Patreon to help us accelerate our goals.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support and we hope you get your miniatures….on the table.

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