SPOILER: New ASOIAF TMG Faction Revealed

The Others

“The cold gods. The ones in the night. The white shadows.”

An Anticipated Release

One of the most anticipated releases for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures game, the newly announced faction, The Others, allows you to bring the might of the Night King down upon the forces of Westeros.  With a completely new game-play mechanic centered around a new token type, Corpse tokens, the faction identity of The Others centers around a few powerful units supporting their base unit the Wraiths.

With an incredibly high attack profile, Wraiths are able to use their crude weapons to threaten even the most heavily armored opponents through numbers alone. However, the unit’s fragile nature is reflected in both the low armor score and dramatic drop in its attack profile. It loses half of its attack profile per rank destroyed. 

The Undead Army ability allows for the unit to regenerate troops at an alarming pace, converting Corpse tokens to restored wounds at a rate of one-to-one. A fearsome addition to ASOIAF: TMG, this unit is further bolstered by the spoiled cavalry units and attachments below.

Things That Go Bump in the Night

The Night Striders provide a fast, medium armored, unit to support your undead forces on the battlefield. Despite having a strong attack profile, the real value of the unit comes from its support role through the use of its Undead Fear ability. Generating corpse tokens equal to the number of wounds engaged enemy units suffer on failed panic tests, this unit can rapidly generate tokens to pass on to core units like the Wraiths.

The Others: Commanders

The Night King commander brings a tremendous amount of power to his forces, serving as a focal point for transferring Corpse tokens into healing for units other than the Wraiths. The key to defeating an army of the dead, as this time, to center around destroying the Night King as quickly as possible.

There has been no confirmation of a second hero in The Others Starter Set, but with such a key synergy with the army, the Night King certainly looks like he will get a lot of time on the table!

New Tactics Cards

The Others‘ tactics cards bring tremendous power to the battlefield through corpse generation to power unit abilities. 

Cards like Winter’s Illusions will allow you to quickly remove corpse tokens and transfer them between units. 

Another tactics card, Winter has Come generates bonuses based on the number of corpse tokens each unit has on it. 

Generating corpses and managing your corpse economy will be the key to victory when leading your army against the realms of men.

The full The Others tactics deck has been spoiled and uploaded at www.asoiafbuilder.com

"What's better than Giants? Undead Giants!"
On the Table Gaming
Night Queen –
Mother of Night NCU
One of the Night King
Tactics Cards

A Fan Favorite Makes a Return

An Unexpected Surprise

The most unexpected of all the reveals for the faction is the return of a fan favorite in the form of a solo monster, Undying Lady. With a powerful set of abilities, Lady’s Frostbite attack has the ability to immediately trigger Sansa Stark.

While there is no release date yet, with the cards and points spoiled, we’re excited to proxy some games and to get these miniatures…

On the Table!

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