Tactics Talk: Warrior's Sons
and Justin Shearer's "Army of Faith" List

Sworn to the Faith of the Seven, the Noble and Puissant Order of the Warrior’s Sons (Warrior’s Sons) obey the orders of the High Septon and are a formidable new addition to the Lannister forces in the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniature Game.

Brightly adorned in cloaks striped in the seven colors of the Faith, all Warrior’s Sons are anointed knights, having given up their worldly possessions of lands and gold in their single minded devotion to their holy cause.

With tremendous versatility due to their Battle Prayer ability, coupled with a strong morale stat, the Warrior’s Sons can expend their Faith tokens to increase their offensive or defensive as the situation dictates.

Editor’s Note: Special thanks to On the Table Gaming Patreon supporter Justin Shearer for sharing one of his go-to lists and providing the detailed write-up below!

– Chase from On the Table Gaming

When writing lists, there are several things I try and consider as I start. First, and foremost, is in the context of a two-list format, what are the scenarios and match-ups I want to play this list into? Second, as I choose a commander, how do the tactics cards I have access to support my overall army and strategy? Third, do I have enough activations and damage to seize the initiative and be aggressive? 

Justin Shearer’s  “Army of Faith”

Faction: House Lannister
Commander: The High Sparrow – Father of the Faithful
Points: 40 (4 Neutral)

Combat Units:

  • Gregor Clegane – The Mountain That Rides (4)

Gregor has a number of important roles to play here. First, he’s mobile so he can get onto objectives and hunt down cheap chaff like Stark dogs. Second, he’s sufficiently cheap and durable that I don’t mind if he must sit on a back-field objective or pin an enemy combat unit in place. Third, he can ignore armor – this makes him quite good at contributing to killing units like the Flayed Men.

  • Lannister Crossbowmen (6)
  • Lannister Crossbowmen (6)

These guys are probably my favorite Lannister unit at the moment, but they shine in this list. They deal good damage at range, but, importantly, in this list, they can reliably shoot into any combats the other three units might get into. Even better, when they fire into combats with the Warrior’s Sons, those lads will be accruing their faith tokens. Shift is also handy in objective-based scenarios, so they can keep shooting but get onto the markers in the backfield.

  • The Warrior’s Sons (8) with Assault Veteran (1)

Amazingly flexible. With the Assault Veteran, they become quite dangerous, and the other units support them well. As mentioned, Crossbows can help them accrue Faith tokens, and with Faith tokens they have both good, reliable damage output and excellent defensive stats. They can also reliably trigger the High Sparrow’s cards.

  • Knights of Casterly Rock (8)

Another favorite unit. These guys provide mobility, good damage and benefit from the High Sparrow. Importantly, +2 morale puts them on a 4, which is brilliant for both Crossbow-induced panic tests and Lannister Supremacy.

Non-Combat Units:

  • The High Sparrow – Father of the Faithful (0)
  • Pycelle – Grand Maester (3)

With durable units, Weakened is fantastic for layering defenses. Weakened can also help protect Crossbow units should they get exposed.

  • Petyr Baelish – Littlefinger (4)

Petyr could swap for Tywin to improve the Winds of Winter scenario, but otherwise, I think he is an excellent choice if you have 3 NCUs. There are a lot of situations where having the extra NCU on your opponent results in you being ‘left with’ the least valuable part of the tactics board: with Petyr, you can convert that into something very useful. In general, Petyr will activate early and go and sit on whatever tile my opponent wants.  

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The list provided above is designed to be good at several scenarios:

A Game of Thrones

I have two fast units that can get to objectives quickly and the nature of my units is that I can afford to leave crossbows further back and still have them contribute to the battle. I can also bring a lot of force to bear to dislodge enemy units since I can always shoot into combat.

Clash of Kings

Normally, one wants to avoid having attachments if they’re seeking to deny the 2 victory points available for Commander death. Not to mention that having a Commander or Proxy forces that unit to take the field. In this case, I’ve built with that in mind, given that the Warrior’s Sons are going to be very difficult to remove from the field (good defensive stats and healing available from the Sparrow’s Cards) and that they’re one of the two units that I’m going to want to begin the game with.

A Feast for Crows

This is a good army for this scenario: three of my units will be rather resistant to piling up tokens, and two of my units are very hard to delete. The crossbows can also stay away from corpse piles better than most.

Winds of Winter

I’d be happy to play this list in this scenario. I can generate tokens for the token-based missions (and if I choose Tywin as my last NCU instead of Littlefinger, I’d be optimizing for this scenario); I have no commander to give over the commander destroyed mission; I have the necessary mobility to get onto objectives; and I have three NCUs that can forego their activations to generate VPs.

Pairing this List

can play four scenarios with this list – so when building my second list I need to take that into account. I might elect to swap Littlefinger for Tywin so my second list only needs to worry about being good at two scenarios – else, I might decide this list is sufficiently good at Winds of Winter and play as is. I might also decide that my second list will be able to play into Winds of Winter and let the match-up dictate which list I’m likely to play (for example, if I had to face down double Flayed Men, I might play this, or I might want to play my second list if it has Pyromancers).


Tactics Cards

As for cards, this army takes advantage of all the cards in the deck well, saving for the Sparrow’s Wrath of the Warrior. Nonetheless, while I’d rather have a Flayed Men to benefit the most, +1 to hit is never bad and the Knights can still benefit from Sundering when they’re not charging.

Number of Activations

In terms of activations and damage, I have 8 total activations (relatively high for 40 points in Lannister) and all my units can deal damage. I generally aim for 5/3 at 40 points in Lannister with any commander. I think Littlefinger is an excellent third NCU since he can focus on depriving the enemy of their favored zone, but still, trigger the abilities I want to trigger. Against Free Folk, this is especially brutal since all their cards trigger off the maneuver zone. Very happy with this list!

How would you deal with this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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