Tactics Talk: Aaron Carabine's "Beserker Children with Pets" List

Tempered by the rough northern climate, A Song of Ice and Fire the miniatures game‘s House Umber Berserkers bear all the hallmarks of their people, they are hardy, unwavering, and indomitable in combat. Working themselves into a frenzy and unhindered by heavy armor, Berserkers will fight with unmatched ferocity to their last man – with stories of singular Berserkers in their bloodlust facing down units of lesser men being common.

When fielding Berserkers you will want to leverage their high mobility, strong morale stat, and unique attrition stats which increase your damage output as you take wounds to punch holes in your enemy battle-lines. Utilizing the free maneuver after destroying an enemy unit, House Umber Berserkers can quickly move into the enemies backline setting up charges in the flank or rear to maximize their already capable sundering abilities.

Ultimately, the Berserkers of House Umber’s mobility and increase to their attack profile as they take damage allow for skilled players to get a tremendous amount of work out of even just a single unit of these ferocious warriors. So naturally, let’s look at what you can accomplish with an army that fields two units of them!

Editors Note: Geeks of the Realm’s, Aaron Carabine has graciously submitted one of his favorite lists to play. I’m a big fan of his youtube channel and it is one of my go-to spots to watch battle reports. If you have not already subscribed, take a second to check ot his work and support the growing community of ASOIAF TMG content creators by liking and subscribing to his channel.

Aaron Carabine’s “Berserker Children with Pets”

Faction: House Stark

Commander: Greatjon Umber – Lord of Last Hearth

Points: 40

Combat Units: (6)


House Umber Berserkers (7)
With Greatjon Umber – Lord of Last Hearth (0)

This unit that has one specific role, which is to use Greatjon Umber’s order Umber Rage (before attack dice are rolled the defender becomes panicked and vulnerable, your unit suffers D3 wounds after the attack is complete) on your opponent’s best unit. Ideally, making the unit fail its panic test by the time the attack has ended, leaving the defender with only a small force left (if any) to attack with.


  • House Umber Berserkers (7)

With Robb Stark – The Young Wolf (3)


Robb Stark’s Enhanced Mobility and Rapid Assualt abilities allow the House Umber Berserkers to pivot before they march or, more impressively, to make a free charge action if they are targeted by the maneuver section of the tactics board. Although already fast, the +1 to their movement (making their movement 7) increases their charging ability massively and with the help of the tactics cards, they are even more devastation on the charge than ever before.


  • Grey wind (0)

Of course, where Robb goes, so does his Wolf Grey Wind. Grey Winds ability to make the defenders vulnerable if you attack from the flank or rear is a nice little bonus that can turn the tide of a closely contested match-up.


  • House Umber Greataxes (7)
    • With Bran and Hodor – Protector and Ward (3)

With the addition of Bran and Hodor, the Greataxes have now the ability to dish out a ton more hit where the defender does not get any defense saves. Bran and Hodor’s order Bran’s Skinchanging, which forces the defender to suffer D3 additional automatic hits, combined with the Great Axes’ Executioner’s Fury attack can be a very lethal combination.  With the potential to dish out 9 hit or, if all dice roll well and there is only 1 rank left, potentially 11 hits where the defender does not get any defense saves. This is great against high defensive opponents such as the Flayed Men or the Mountain that Rides – you can even take out Giants with one attack.

  • Summer (0)

It’s important to remember to always have Summer near Bran and Hodor’s unit as this allows for a counter attack from Summer’s ability Bran’s Protector. Coupling the benefits confered from Summer’s ability, you can combine the +2 attack dice with Bran’s Skin Changing ability to deal up to 7 hits on the defender – hopefully in the flank or rear.

  • House Umber Berserkers (7)

The only thing better than a Berserker unit is two units! This basic unit provides an additional fast-moving threat to your opponent. Due to their speed and damage output, even a unit without an attachment can do a lot of work on the battlefield, especially if they are able to charge a unit in the flank or rear so their native Sundering ability can stack with the flanking bonuses. 

Non-Combat Units: (2)

  • Sansa – Little Bird (3)

Sansa is in there for the fact she is only 3 points and her once per game ability gives you the opportunity to search for a card in either your discard or tactics deck that can change the course of the battle.

[Editor’s Note: The ability can be used at any time, so there is no excuse not to have the card you need when you need it!]


  • Arya – The Wolf Girl (3)

Arya’s once per game ability that allows for a friendly unit to make a maneuver at the start of any round gives you a lot of tactical advantage, potentially getting you a first turn charge off or helping you secure an objective or getting a Berserker unit in position to unexpectedly get a flank or rear charge on a key unit.

How would you deal with this list?

 Let us know in the comments below!

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    • This list looks sweet though and I’ll definitely be trying it out.
      I wanna try swapping an NCU for Howland and trying 3 point jon instead. a lot of opportunities for charge, and his ability makes them even better in an attrition situation.

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