Prizes for Best June Community Content Creations

June is Community Content Creation Month (#cccm) for the A Song of Ice and Fire the Tabletop Miniatures Game. We’ve already seen some great collaboration and ideas being shared and to help promote more creativity On the Table Gaming is giving away prizes to those who make the best community content as voted on by our patrons.

As a reminder, the content creation categories are as follows:


(Subcategories: Competitive, Thematic, Campaign Modes)

    • Custom game modes for ASOIAF TMG that could be competitive modes, thematic battles, or even a campaign mode.
  • Reward: Battle at the Blackwater Bay, Kickstarter Exclusive Gaming Mat*

(3D Printed, Keywords, Templates)

    • Custom terrain for use in playing ASOIAF TMG these could be new template footprints, new types of terrain keywords or even 3D sculpts of terrain.
  • Reward: Horrors and Inspiration, Kickstarter Exclusive Terrain Set*
Now's your chance to get some KS exclusive terrain!

(Card organizers, flow charts, movement tools)

    • Custom Accessories or game aides, things that help support gameplay. This could be handouts for new players, templates for people to design custom elements, the sky’s the limit!
  • Reward: On the Table Gaming Video Review (specifics to be discussed with OTTG)

Please note that final submissions are due by June 30th to In order to vote on each category, you must be a Patreon subscriber. Submissions will be shared on the On the Table Gaming Patreon page for patrons to vote on!

Get creating!




*We ask that participants outside of the U.S. help cover the cost of shipping for their prizes.

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