Song Chat: Tyrion's Kingsguard

CMON game designer for A Song of Ice and Fire the miniatures game, Michael Shinall breaks down a sample Lannister List featuring Tyrion Lannister with the Kingsguard from the Lannister Hero Box II.
  • The Bastard’s Girls + Preston Greenfield [8]
  • Lannister Halberdiers + Barristan Selmy [9]
  • Lannister Crossbowmen + Meryn Trant [7]
  • Lannister Guardsmen + Tyrion Lannister [5]
  • Gregor Clegane (The Mountain That Rides) [4]

Non-Combat Units:

  • [NCU] Joffrey Baratheon [4]
  • [NCU] Pycelle [3]

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