The Others Find the Cave by Tobias Mannevitz

The Others Have Returned

Thanks to the the tireless efforts of Yannic Bur and community supporters, the Others Faction April Fools Joke, has become a reality. The fan-made-community-faction The Others brings blends references to terrors beyond the walls from the books with the elements introduced in the HBO series Game of Thrones.

Chilling Results

Thanks to countless hours of input by community members and feedback from industry insiders, the Others faction is ready to move into wider play-testing to fine tune rough edges and make the Others a viable faction for your casual A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures play.

The entire Other’s faction can be found at’s community content section.

A PDF for easier play during play-testing can also be downloaded.

Providing Feedback

At this stage, to make the faction a viable one, assistance is needed in play-testing the faction to help ensure that the Others are both a fun faction to play, but also one that is balanced with the existing houses in ASOIAF TMG. 

Yannic has provided a Google Forms feedback submission form, but full battle report write ups are welcome as well!




  1. Thank you mates for all this prodcut fan-development and checking!
    Maybe the coñlected feedback can be seem somewhere? It would even be great to ser pictures id battles which incluyes The Others factible, to see how players manaed to represent them! (Can be very funny and inspiring)

  2. I have some review feedback on the cards, I believe few of the Tactics Cards have issues, and some have clarity issues (could be interpreted in multiple ways. Do you want this feedback somewhere?

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