Incoming Thenn Warriors for the
A Song of Ice and Fire the Miniatures Game

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The Thenn Warriors can be expected to arrive for the Free Folk forces in ASOIAF TMG on October 18th, 2019.

In A Song of Ice and Fire the miniatures game, Thenn Warriors are an essential addition to your Free Folk army. Capable of luring undisciplined forces out of formation with their Order: Taunt and using their Set Defense ability to withstand attacks from otherwise devastating charges, this unit box brings unique playstyle options to the table. 


Here’s a quick sample list to try the Warriors out, but we’d be interested in seeing how you’d run your Warriors, and how many you plan running!


Faction: Free Folk Commander: Styr – Magnar Of Thenn

Points: 40 

Combat Units:

  • Thenn Warriors (6) with Styr – Magnar Of Thenn (0)
  • Free Folk Trapper (4) with Harma – The Dogshead (1)
  • Cave Dweller Savages (5)
  • Cave Dweller Savages (5) with Raid Leader (1)
  • Free Folk Raiders (3)
  • Free Folk Raiders (3) 
  • Free Folk Raiders (3)
  • Free Folk Raiders (3)

Non-Combat Units:

  • Lady Val – The Wildling Princess (3)
  • Ygritte – Kissed By Fire (3)

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  1. The Warriors reference – love it!
    I’m calling it. These guys are going to synergise with Spearwives. Time to dust the girls off and bring them back into s one list building

    • You know, I think you are onto something here. There might also be some good spearwife matriarch synergy as well!

  2. Having a unit of Trappers as support to these guys will really pack a punch. Thenns with Matriarch, draw in the charge. As the unit charges, D3 wounds and disorderly on 1 or 2 from Hidden Traps. Thenns retreat for free.

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