Tactics Talk: Stag Knight Noble Attack Combo Strategy

Aleksandr Hewitt
Baratheon Specialist

Do you live for melee attacks? Do you relish the look of frustration on your opponent’s face as you repeatedly beat on them with the same unit during a single round? Then you, my fellow Stags, should try out the Stag Knight Noble Attack Combo Strategy! My only request for gifting this information to you is that you yell ‘Aleksandr Hewitt Stag Knight Combo’ each time you roll the attack dice. 

Now, the Stag Knight Noble is an expensive attachment at two points, so maximizing your investment should be a priority. The following strategy could yield up to eight attacks in a single round from the Noble’s attached unit. Of course, this is a perfect storm scenario that may never come to fruition, however, its core strategies should yield at least three melee attacks per round. 

First, you need three NCUs. Petyr Baelish and Alester Florent are non-negotiable, but the third is dealer’s choice Personally, I would lean toward Shyra Errol. Her three-point cost will help with your fielded army,  and her ability synergizes well with the need you will have for the tactics zone.

Why do you need the Tactics Zone? Because ‘Aleksandr Hewitts’ Stag Knight Attack Combo’ (patent pending) relies on COUNTER CHARGE, OURS IS THE FURY, and LAST STAND.

COUNTER CHARGE triggers after a friendly combat unit is attacked. Play it on your Stag Knight Noble’s unit to kick off the first attack in the combo. 

Since the free charge occurs on your opponent’s turn, you get the next play. Claim any zone on the tactics board that will block your opponent’s strategy with Petyr Baelish, but do not select the combat zone. Once Petyr stakes his claim, change the effect to the Combat zone for the Noble Unit’s second attack.

If your opponent is slow to catch on, or lacks the NCUs to block, on your next turn claim the Combat Zone with Alester Florent for the Noble’s third attack of the round. Use Alester’s order SHIFTING LOYALTIES to move him to any open tactics zone, freeing up the Combat Zone for your third NCU to claim it on your next turn. This will grant your Noble the fourth attack, and they have yet to activate. If you have made it this far in the combo without being stopped, it is now acceptable to place a blond, spiky-haired wig on your Stag Knight’s helmet, right between the antlers
The next two attacks can come in either order. If your opponent attacks your Noble’s unit, you can activate RECKLESS VENGEANCE to trigger the fifth attack in the combo. Follow this free melee attack with the unit’s activation for the sixth attack.

Finally, your last two attacks in the combo include OURS IS THE FURY, which gives the seventh attack after the Noble’s unit is attacked, but not destroyed. LAST STAND is the final card of the combo and gives the unit the eighth attack when the unit is attacked and destroyed. Retire the Stag Knight Noble with all honors due, because he will have earned back the two points spend on him with interest.

Technically, you could use COUNTER CHARGE and OURS IS THE FURY twice in the round to give yourself ten attacks, but that would be ridiculous. Eight attacks, perfectly reasonable, ten, that’s crazy talk. Again, this combination strategy is likely never to happen, but hopefully, through reading this you can see the Stag Knight Noble’s potential as a melee attack machine. Even with minimal synergy, you should be attacking at least three times per round. 


  1. Counter Charge tactics card*
  2. Petyr Baelish triggers combat zone
  3. Alester Florent claims combat zone, then moves to open zone
  4. NCU claims combat zone
  5. Reckless Vengeance
  6. Melee Attack (Activation)
  7. Ours Is The Fury tactics card*
  8. Last Stand tactics card

*Can be used twice to grant up to ten attacks. 


Faction: House Baratheon

Commander: Renly Baratheon – The Charismatic Heir

Points: 40 (10 Neutral)

Combat Units:

  • Baratheon Wardens (5)
    •   with Master Warden (1)
  • House Bolton Blackguard (6)
    •   with Master Warden (1)
  • Baratheon Sentinels (6)
    • with Renly Baratheon – The Charismatic Heir (0)
  • Stag Knights (8)
    •   with Stag Knight Noble (2)

Non-Combat Units:

  • Petyr Baelish – Littlefinger (4)
  • Shyra Errol – Lady Of Haystack Hall (3)
  • Alester Florent – Lord Of Brightwater (4)

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Use this classic two hammer, two anvil list to punish your opponents.  To implement your Stag Night combo you’ve got the three NCU’s discussed in the article, and then the Noble itself in a unit of Stag Knights.  While expensive, the Knight’s growing threat as they lose ranks makes them a perfect home for the Noble. Renly as your commander will help keep them alive with his tactics cards and morale buffs, as well as act a secondary offensive tool with the buffed Sentinels.  If their average armor and morale dissuades you from using them as a command bunker, Renly could always be swapped with a Master Warden and put in the Blackguard or Wardens. I like the idea of two dedicated defense and two dedicated offense here, but the Sentinels will become a prime target for crown zaps, so block Crown with Baelish whenever possible if your opponent likes to use it. Finally, the Wardens and Blackguards will act as your anvil, made even more resilient by the Master Warden attachments.  Hold units in place with them for your Stag Knights or Sentinels to devastate in the flank.

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  1. Great theory crafting! Imagine the devastated look on your opponent’s face as you continually attack with the same unit. Priceless.

    One possible change would be to drop the Blackguards for Wardens, since they have exactly the same stats and use that extra point to upgrade Shyra to Varys.

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