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Spoilers 7

Spoiled Upcoming Releases

One of the most fun things about a miniature game is figuring out what comes next!  This is true even for games in pre-production.  CMON is pretty good about dropping hints as to things to come.  I have compiled all of units that have been “spoiled” in one way or another in this post. Before we begin, though, I did […]

Spoilers 1

Stark Trackers and Cavaliers

CMON has been dropping hints in its updates and at conventions about several units that have not been officially announced.  Two of those units are the Stark Faction Crannogmen Trackers and the Tully Cavaliers.  While the stats on these units are almost certain to have changed since CMON posted these slides, they do serve to show that Stark Heavy Cavalry and “skirmishers” are on the horizon in the near future.

Spoilers 2

Night’s Watch / Wildlings Next Faction?

Back during GenCon, I took the liberty of labeling the CMON displayed models with what folks were told at GenCon.  I originally posted this on Reddit, but figured I would repost here for completeness. It looks from the display that the Night’s Watch / Wildings may be one of the first expansion factions.  Note the darker color gray of the […]