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Links Menu Added

Just a minor update to point out that I have added a Links tab to the primary menu bar so that we can all have quick reference to the best resources about the game.  If there is a great resource that I don’t know about, post a comment and let me know.  The ones that I regularly use are:

ASOIAF Kickstarter – The site that started it all.  Not the best format to navigate, but has most of the information about the game available in one form or another.

ASOIAF Minis Reddit – This is the best subreddit about the game from a competitive standpoint.  Good analysis and community.

ASOIAF Miniature Wargamers Facebook Page – This is the most active Facebook page about the game.  It contains regular activity and a good community.

BoardGameGeek ASOIAF Page – BoardGameGeek is a great resource for all tabletop games and this one is no exception.  A lot of good information here.

Panic Check Chart (part 1)

Panic Check Chart

Lets begin by taking a look at the relevant rules for Panic Tests:

If the Defender suffered any casualties from the attack, they must now make a Panic Test.  WIP Rulebook Page 14.  When a unit makes a Panic Test, it rolls 2 dice and compares the results to its Morale Stat…if it fails to meet its Morale Stat, however the unit immediately suffers 1 automatic casualty for each point it failed its test by.  WIP Rulebook Page 10.

Here is a unit by unit chart that will shed some light on the basic math for an unmodified Panic Test.


The first column lists the defending units Morale stat.  The second column provides a handy list of the units that have that current Morale stat for ease of reference.  The third column shows the percentage chance that the defender will fail his or her Panic Check, thereby suffering automatic casualties.  The remainder of the chart shows the relative percentages of chances to lose multiple models from a unit due to degrees of failure.

When making simple choices about attacking a unit that has no conditions, the above chart should be helpful.

For the next math segment, we will review the above in the context of the Panicked condition and under what circumstances should a player require the opposition to re-roll.

Update #74 Live on Kickstarter

Update 74 is live on the Kickstarter, which includes all of the Lannister Attachments!  I will be updating all of the pages on this site with the new information in the next hour or so.  Big day!

Update: All cards are now updated on this site to reflect the latest information.

CMON Expo 2018


CMON announced today that the CMON Expo 2018 will take place on May 11-13, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta.  Why is this relevant to ASOIAF?  The Kickstarter is supposed to release in April of 2018, right before the CMON Expo!

So, assuming no delays in production, expect that the first official ASOIAF tournament will be likely held be held in May 11-13.  Formal competitive play is not supposed to start until June of 2018, but I don’t think CMON would pass up an opportunity to show off one of its flagship titles for 2018 without a full fledged tournament!

We will be sure to pass along any information as it becomes available.

Artists of Ice and Fire – Stefan Kopinski

I believe that art plays a major role in a miniature game’s success.  When you graduate from playing with “toys” to imagining the names of each individual soldier in your units, you are basically hooked on the game for years.  The artists behind the game really spark the imagination and help us along that path.  A Song of Ice and Fire has some really great artists contributing to the effort.  This series will detail an artist that is contributing to the game in each post.  The first is none other than Stefan Kopinski (website).

Stefan has an impressive style that is perfect for historical periods and low fantasy settings like A Song of Fire and Ice.  His work includes the box cover where he provides create insight into his creative process here.


Other works include the box art for Bolton Cutthroats, Bolton Bastard Girl’s, Mercenary Heroes, Stark Heroes, Lannister Heroes, Lannister Guards, Stark Sworn Swords, Knights of Casterly Rock, Stark Bowmen, Lannister Crossbowmen. (See them all here).

If there is a single artist that will define the look and feel of this game, it will be Stefan Kopinski.  If you want to discuss Stefan’s work or the artistic direction in general, I have created a forum thread here.




Short Demo Game with New Charge Rules

Michael Shinall and The Beasts of War put on a very small demo game (16 points) showing the updated Charge mechanics, NCUs, and Tactics Board.  Not a ton of action going on with such a small game, but still worth the quick watch.  The scenario is Game of Thrones.

2018 Retail Timeline

I am doing a bit of catch up here to aggregate all of the information that I have collected over the last few months to one place.  If you have been following the Kickstarter comments to ASOIAF closely, you will see several references to the “2018 Retail Timeline” that was shown at an industry convention a while ago.  Although quite vague, the attached image is what everyone is referring to.  Note that the intent of this slide deck at the time was to convince retailers that ASOIAF is a game worth supporting.

2018 Retail Timeline