This article currently represents the 10,000 foot view of the game.  More to come on this page, including the feel, design goals, information about the designers and the like, but for now, I suggest you read: the Kickstarter campaign for the product.  It has almost all of the information available to date.

A Song of Fire and Ice (a.k.a Game of Thrones), Tabletop Miniature Game is published by CMON.  The setting is based upon the novels, not the HBO series.  The timeline of the setting is during the War of Five Kings.

The game is not a board game, like many of CMON’s most popular games.  It is a rank and file tabletop miniature game.  The most famous example of this type of game is the now defunct Warhammer Fantasy Battles by Games Workshop.  The scale of the game is 28mm “heroic” scale, the same as Games Workshop, Runewars, and most other modern tabletop wargames.

For those that know how tabletop miniature games work, the quick and dirty is that ASoIaF is a very structured rank and file miniature game that, in many ways, mimics more popular “skirmish” games via a simplified unit structure and relaxed movement rules.  The standard tabletop size is 4×4. Randomization is d6 based, players take turns with alternating activations.

All infantry are organized in 12 model units.  All cavalry are organized in 4 model units.  There are limited solos in the game.  There are no weapon or armor customization, although units can be upgraded through the use of character based attachments (think of command groups in similar games, but themed for the major characters in the novels and more varied).

There are two interesting and unique features to this game are (1) a Tactics Deck that contains special abilities that can be played when various “triggers” happen during the game, and (2) a Tactics side board that allows non-combat units to buff or otherwise interfere with gameplay (in addition to allowing the designers to introduce some of the favorite political characters from the story that would otherwise have no role on the battlefield).  The Tactics Deck and Tactics Board are basically a limited form of “magic” in this game that helps keep gameplay more varied than models slamming into each other.  Both of these have been designed in a manner to add complexity to gameplay, yet really capture the “feel” of the novels.

Tactics Board v2