Below are the resources for the ASOIAF miniature game that I strongly recommend to stay current:

ASOIAF Miniatures Discord Server – This is a very active and robust Discord server dedicated to the game.  You can get all of your questions answered and discuss every faction.  Excellent resource.

ASOIAF Miniature Wargamers Facebook Page – This is the most active Facebook page about the game.  It contains regular activity and a good community.  This is the best place to go to for up to date information on the game.  Note that this group is private, so you have to apply.  Approval is typically very quick.

Army Builder – This is an excellent tool developed by Mark Albenesius and his brother.  It is still in beta mode while some features are being developed, but even in its current state, it is by far the best tool on the Internet to play with your army configurations.  Strongly recommend.


Other good resources to check out:

ASOIAF Kickstarter – The site that started it all.  Not the best format to navigate, but has most of the information about the game available in one form or another.

Shinall’s Podcast – This is a great tactics / list building podcast with detailed discussions from the main designer of the game, Michael Shinall.  Probably the best true tactical resource online, even if its not updated super-regularly.

BoardGameGeek ASOIAF Page – BoardGameGeek is a great resource for all tabletop games and this one is no exception.  A lot of good/crunchy information here about the game, art, etc.

ASOIAF Minis Reddit – This is a subreddit about the game, but is not currently very active.  I will continue to monitor if it is worth listing here.