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2018 Retail Timeline

I am doing a bit of catch up here to aggregate all of the information that I have collected over the last few months to one place.  If you have been following the Kickstarter comments to ASOIAF closely, you will see several references to the “2018 Retail Timeline” that was shown at an industry convention a while ago.  Although quite vague, the attached image is what everyone is referring to.  Note that the intent of this slide deck at the time was to convince retailers that ASOIAF is a game worth supporting.

2018 Retail Timeline

Night’s Watch / Wildlings Next Faction?

Back during GenCon, I took the liberty of labeling the CMON displayed models with what folks were told at GenCon.  I originally posted this on Reddit, but figured I would repost here for completeness.

It looks from the display that the Night’s Watch / Wildings may be one of the first expansion factions.  Note the darker color gray of the plastics.  Possible second starter with the White Walkers?

GenCon 2017 - ASOIAF


Welcome to the ASOIAF Competitive Community!

Hi, I’m Oloh.  I have am one of those OCD types that likes to organize information about my current obsessi….er, hobbies.  CMON’s new miniature game based upon the A Song of Ice and Fire novels (a.k.a Game of Thrones) has really caught my interest.  I created some proxies and started running through some games, keeping up with everything that has been release.

I figured I would share my work with the community.  This site is my early effort to do so.  Not much is here now, but hopefully with time, it will grow to be a great resource.  Check back soon!