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Song of Ice and Fire Friendly 40- Point Tournament

Come out for a friendly, 3-round 40-point tournament! We will use the official rules, so retail releases only: With max 3 rounds due to time, we will use W-L record and tiebreakers. Entry Fee: $10. Prizes TBD. If 1.5 drops beforehand we will use those rules.


ASOIAF Miniatures Game Tournament

Max 12 Players 40 Point Games with 3 90 Minute Rounds Games will be played on 4×4 play areas Will be following all guidelines from the tournament guide from CMON Exceptions: Second list is optional, but a separate printed or legibly written army list will be required for it. Models not available via retail by Oct 4 will be illegal […]


The raid of Old Oak

A Song of Ice & Fire: The Miniature Game Tournament – MOAB 2019 (Sydney, Australia) TOURNAMENT FORMAT Rounds: 3 Game Size: 40 points Table size: 48 x 48 inches Time […]


A Song of Ice and Fire tornament 8/24

This is in Pasadena California. This will be a 40 point standard tournament that will consist of 3 Swiss rounds rounds (rounds will be 1 1/2 hours); *4 if we have enough people. All players are allowed any currently released units as well as Kickstarter exclusive units**, and two list of the same faction. **Proxie cards and models will be […]