The Others

“They’re never far, you know. They won’t come out by day, not when that old sun’s shining, but don’t think that means they went away. Shadows never go away. Might be you don’t see them, but they’re always clinging to your heels.”

– Tormund to Jon Snow


The Others faction, a fan-made faction for use in unofficial games, is best defined by their unique corpse token mechanic and reliance on a few powerful units. We are currently in play testing for balance (b1.2) for this community made fan faction.


A PDF version of the cards can be downloaded for playtesting here.



"The Others started out as an April Fools Day joke for On the Table Gaming, but we made enough content to make it playable at home!"
Yannic Bur
Creator of the Others Fan Faction


Night King Tactics Cards


Aggash Tactics Cards


Night King Tactics Cards


Bur the Builder
Tactics Cards

General Tactics Cards

The Others - NCUs and Attachments

Craster - Ally of the Night 3pts
Night Warg - Cold Veteran 3pts
Night Queen - Queen of the Long Night 4pts
[ATTACHMENT] White Walker 2pts


Wraiths 4pts
Night Striders 6pts
Undead Giant 6pts
Fallen Crows 6pts
Feral Wights 6pts
Snow Bear Wight 5pts
Bringers of the Night 8pts

Disclaimer: This work is community made fan content for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game. This is not official content!