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On the Table Gaming Episode 47: James Wappel and ASOIAF TMG

Join Chase from On the Table Gaming as he speaks with James Wappel, renowned miniature painter talks painting and everyone’s favorite ASOIAF based game – the A Song of Ice and Fire: […]

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Tactics Talk: Roose Bolton – Lord of the Dreadfort

“Fear is what keeps a man alive in this world of treachery and deceit.” A Dance With Dragons, Chapter 32, Reek III. Mike from Off the Wall Games Guest Contributor […]

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Unit Reveal: Thenn Warriors for Free Folk

Thenn Warriors Revealed for ASOIAF TMG If you missed James Wappel’s painting tutorial and reveal of the Thenn Warriors for A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop don’t worry, […]

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Upcoming Tournaments – August and September

Upcoming Tournaments for A Song of Ice and Fire the Miniatures Game Mythicos Tournament, August 10th 2019 GenCon, August 1, 2019 – Indianapolis, Indiana  A Song of Ice and Fire […]